Guild Esports lose VCT EU Challengers qualifier final in OT on late spike plant

Not like this.

Image via Riot Games

Guild Esports’ VALORANT team lost in heartbreaking fashion today.

The final map of the last round of the VALORANT Champions Tour EU Challengers Two open qualifier match between Guild and Fnatic today went to overtime. With Fnatic leading by one round, it looked like a two-vs-two would decide both teams’ fates—until disaster struck.

With the spike in his hands, Yacine Laghmari just narrowly missed the four-second cutoff needed to get a plant down. The spike went down just a fraction of a second after the round timer ended, giving Fnatic a 14-12 victory on Split and a 2-1 series win.

Casters Michael “hypoc” Robins and Lauren “Pansy” Scott were dumbfounded. The chat responded with a mix of laughter, confusion, and sadness.

The closeness of this final map represented how hard-fought the entire series was. Fnatic and Guild went back and forth in a tightly contested affair. Yacine’s explosive play on Raze was one of the primary reasons why Guild won their first map so convincingly and why they were able to force overtime in map three.

With the win, Fnatic move on to the closed qualifier for EU Challengers Two, where they’ll face FunPlus Phoenix. For Guild, they’ll have to play through yet another open qualifier at Challengers Three.

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