FURIA, Crazy Raccoon, and FULL SENSE have been eliminated from VALORANT Champions

The first three teams have fallen.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions group stage has claimed its first victims. FURIA, Crazy Raccoon, and FULL SENSE were all sent home in their group’s Elimination match. 

Today has been a hectic day for VALORANT fans. The VALORANT Champions event is in full swing, and teams are slowly securing their spots in the playoffs. Three squads have also been eliminated and will watch the remainder of the event from the sidelines. 

The first match of the day finally settled the Acend and Vivo Keyd debacle. Acend won the series and secured their spot in the Group A Winner’s match against Envy, while Vivo Keyd dropped to the Elimination match against X10 CRIT. Vivo Keyd will have to fight through two more matches to make it into the playoffs, which three other teams already failed to do. 

Crazy Raccoon were the first victims in the tournament and were eliminated by Team Secret in Group C’s Elimination match. They were swept in their first match against Team Vikings and failed to win a map against Team Secret, bowing out of the tournament without winning a single map. 

FURIA was the next team on the chopping block and were sent home by KRU Esports. They faced the North American juggernaut Sentinels in their first match of the event and took a win on Breeze. They couldn’t close the series on Haven and were sent to the Group B Elimination to face KRU. FURIA started the series strong by winning a game on Fracture, but KRU secured the next two maps to eliminate the Brazilian team. 

The final victim of the day was Group D’s FULL SENSE. Many considered Group D the toughest group, and FULL SENSE were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They faced Vision Strikers in their first match and were swiftly swept and sent to the Elimination match against Cloud9 Blue. They forced Breeze into overtime but couldn’t take the series to map three, and the squad also bowed out without winning a single map in the tournament.

Five more teams will be eliminated before the VALORANT Champions playoffs begin. The next match is between Acend and Envy in Group A, and the loser will move on to face the winner between Vivo Keyd and X10 CRIT. 

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