Envy’s kaboose: TenZ filling in for Sentinels is ‘very scary’ for ‘every team’ at VCT NA Masters One

Fresh off a quarterfinals win against Gen.G, kaboose discussed Envy's biggest threat.

Screengrab via Team Envy

Team Envy is considered by many as the top team heading into North America’s VALORANT Champions Tour: Masters One. But there’s one squad Jake “kaboose” McDonald considers “a huge threat.”

Sentinels confirmed today that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo will sub in for Jay “Sinatraa” Won following sexual abuse allegations. And with the star fragger coming out of retirement, kaboose believes Sentinels are “very scary” for “every team at the event.”

“His time as a player was regarded by every pro as number one, without a doubt,” kaboose told Dot Esports. “This guy would hard carry every game. To see him back on the field is very interesting, especially when you pair him on a team like Sentinels, who’s been very good for a long time.”

During his tenure with Cloud9, TenZ was considered one of the best players in the world. But kaboose believes teamwork is the key to besting Sentinels and their newest addition.

Image via Cloud9

“I think you have to have a lot of crossfires, have a lot of good teamwork against him to not let him find these one-v-one duels that he will win really consistently,” kaboose said. “So you just have to beat them with teamwork, which they will be lacking with a lack of practice.”

While Envy had difficulty taking out Sentinels for a long time, the team was finally able to kick the asterisk next to their name during VCT Challengers Two. Envy beat Sentinels twice at the qualifier tournament, including a 3-0 sweep in the grand final.

Kaboose also mentioned Immortals as a potential threat, claiming they’ve adapted to a new playstyle that’s been working really well for them lately.

Envy is fresh off their quarterfinals victory against Gen.G, fueled by Victor “food” Wong’s match-high 53 kills. The team will advance to the semifinals on March 14, taking on FaZe Clan.

Despite Sentinels’ new sub, kaboose still believes Envy are “without a doubt” the best team in NA.