Envy steals victory from 100 Thieves at VCT NA Challengers Finals

100T falls short of their goal, despite near heroics from nitr0.

Screengrab via Team Envy

After a strong opening series against Version1, 100 Thieves fall in back to back series at the VCT NA Challengers Finals, and are out of the running for Masters Two at Iceland.

The champions of First Strike opened the second day in a high-profile matchup with Sentinels. 100 Thieves responded to a close loss on Haven with a resounding 13-3 win on Icebox, but then lost badly on Bind 13-4. With no time to rest, 100T played an elimination series against a familiar foe in Team Envy.

The two teams traded maps on both Bind and Ascent to send the series to a pivotal third map, Haven. It came down to the final round of regulation, with Envy leading 12-11 on their defensive side. 100 Thieves got the plant down, but it was down to just nitr0 in a 1v3 trying to hold off a defuse from long B. He actually got the first two on headshots, but was dropped down to just five points of health, and Envy’s Victor finished him off to get the defuse and the win, 13-11.

With the loss, 100 Thieves are out of the VCT NA Challengers Finals, which means no shot for them to advance to VALORANT’s first international LAN at Masters Two. Team Envy stays alive, and will face Version1 in the lower bracket on May 1. Sentinels and Cloud9 Blue will play in the upper bracket, and by the end of the day on Saturday, two of the four remaining teams will secure their ticket to Iceland.