DRX welcomes new trainee to VALORANT roster

The sentinel player has shown promise.

Photo via Riot Games

With VALORANT team DRX still competing in international tournament VCT Champions in Istanbul, Turkey, the South Korean organization has introduced a new trainee to the squad today.

Little is known about young talent miKa. He was part of DRX’s Academy team when they competed in the Japanese amateur UTAGE S5 tournament last month. After clearly making a lasting impression, he has now stepped up to the main roster as a trainee.

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Although DRX Academy missed out on the trophy in the finals, miKa stood out in the team. He collected among the best statistics in the tournament, including the highest K/DA and average combat score.

He’s a sentinel player and is ranked Immortal on the Korean server. In the Japanese tournament, miKa played Cypher, Killjoy, and Chamber. Previous to this competition, however, the player had no history of competitive matches outside the game’s ranked ladder.

DRX’s new recruit will have a chance to learn from the main roster and prove himself over the next few months.

Meanwhile, the team are preparing for their next VCT Champions series, which will see them play Europe’s FunPlus Phoenix in the loser’s semifinals tomorrow at 12pm CT. The team are the favorites after already beating the team in the quarterfinals.