Dr Disrespect lands insane no-look sniper shot to end the round in VALORANT


Screengrab via Dr DisRespect

Sniping in VALORANT is so easy, Dr Disrespect can do it with his eyes closed.

The Twitch star landed an insane no-look snipe during his broadcast today, finishing off the third person in succession to win the round.

With three enemies remaining, the Doc held his opponents in check with the Operator sniper rifle. Though his teammates were on the other side of the map, Dr Disrespect didn’t need any backup to end the round—or eyes, apparently.

As the opposing Phoenix walked through a corridor, the streamer effortlessly took him out with one bullet. A second enemy showed themselves and shot at the Doc, but was quickly eliminated as well. Only one remained, so the Twitch star decided to show off a bit.

“I’m not even gonna look at this last guy,” Dr Disrespect announced while turning his head away from the monitor.

And the Doc’s last shot hit true as the words “won” projected above.

Though Dr Disrespect appears to be enjoying himself, the streamer previously explained that watching VALORANTdoesn’t interest” him at all. It’s unclear whether his perception of the game has changed since getting his hands on it.

Fans eager to watch some more no-look snipes can tune in to the Doc’s Twitch channel.