Dizzy shows how strong VALORANT’s Raze can be with incredible ace

"Time for the fireworks!"

Image via Riot Games

Plenty of VALORANT players have already complained about how powerful Raze is as an agent. But pro Apex Legends player Dizzy showed how strong she can be in the hands of an expert earlier today.

Raze’s kit has a ton of zone control, whether its with her Paint Shell cluster grenade, Boom Bot, or her devastating ultimate ability, the Showstopper. The amount of stopping power and damage she brings to the battlefield has even thrown her into the discussion as one of the first agents to get nerfed.

Dizzy, who was one of the best Apex pros, combined Raze’s destructive power with his own aim and game sense to take down an entire team in less than 10 seconds.

Using the cover of his teammates’ smokescreen, Dizzy threw a cluster grenade and his Boom Bot into an unsuspecting group of enemies. He quickly turned the corner to one-tap the opposing team’s Sage before turning around and taking out two more enemies through the smoke.

As he backed up, another foolish victim started to fire through the smoke. Dizzy used a satchel charge to jump up while shooting her rocket launcher ultimate through the smoke to nab yet another kill. Finally, he finished off the round by grabbing a headshot on the last enemy remaining.

It was quick and brutal, but when you’re playing against a player of Dizzy’s caliber, you shouldn’t expect anything less. Additionally, grouping up for a Raze usually isn’t a great idea, although it was mostly the bullets that led to their demise this time and not her explosives.