Cypher finally gets his revenge in hilarious VALORANT April Fools’ game mode we wish was real

And for a limited time, log in for a free spray to commemorate the festivities.

Image via Riot Games

After nearly two full years of dying in every major cinematic appearance, Cypher has finally had enough—and he’s ready to take out his revenge on all players in a new, totally real (not real) VALORANT game mode.

Riot Games released a new April Fools’ cinematic for VALORANT where, for the first time since the game’s release, Cypher has taken complete control—continuing the running joke of Cypher being constantly killed off in official media. The cinematic showcases a new game mode known as “Cypher’s Revenge” that, while it will not be added to the game, features five-versus-one gameplay of a full team seeking to kill a Cypher with dramatically enhanced abilities.

Cypher is seen being able to completely stun enemies that have been tagged using his cameras, akin to having been trapped in Killjoy’s ultimate—while also being able to give his cameras weapons of their own to use. His shroud appears to duplicate him, while his tripwires duplicate themselves upon being placed. The developers even allowed him to enter the terrain and become untargetable, though still giving him access to the enemies he seeks to destroy.

While this cinematic unfortunately depicts a game mode and characteristics of Cypher that will not be appearing in VALORANT any time soon, Riot is rewarding players with a free spray for logging in before April 6. This spray fittingly features Cypher being targeted by the guns of every other agent in the game, seemingly prepared to face his fate once more.

Players may not be able to take part in the antics of “Cypher’s Revenge,” but they can most certainly prepare for the agent being the target of this running joke within the VALORANT community long into the future.

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