Cypher can open Bind teleporters from the outside using spycam in VALORANT

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

It seems like Cypher’s gadgets can do it all.

VALORANT player lodi01 discovered a way to open the teleporters on Bind from the outside, posting a video showcasing the exploit today. By carefully placing Cypher’s spycam on the teleporter’s frame, you can swing those doors open and unleash fire on potential campers.

The savvy player slung the spycam on the upper edge of the teleporter frame, causing it to go through the locked doors. When swapping to the spycam feed, the player seemingly shot the marking dart at the doors, which caused them to open.

The doors aren’t supposed to open unless a player inside of the teleporter approaches them. But the spycam’s dart potentially acts as an agent, activating a virtual motion sensor to swing the doors open and reveal whoever’s inside.

It’s common for players to camp in the teleporter, waiting for the perfect time to jump out and surprise their enemies. If a team hears the teleporter sound, a Cypher player can force the doors open while their squad shoots anyone inside.

It’s unclear if this is on Riot’s radar. But developers will likely patch it out if it begins to adversely affect matchmaking.