CS:GO pro Mixwell wrongfully banned by VALORANT’s anti-cheat system after plugging phone into PC

"Can you unlock me please."

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

Riot Games is taking a strict stance against cheaters in VALORANT—perhaps a bit too strict.

CS:GO pro Mixwell was locked out of VALORANT today after plugging his phone into his PC, recording the error on his stream. The game’s anti-cheat system seemingly thought there was foul play involved and banned him instantly.

“I connected my USB charger to my phone and I got disconnected [sic] by the anti-cheat,” the Spanish player said.

After a victorious round, the pro went to charge his phone by connecting it to his PC. A few seconds later, Mixwell was kicked from the game. An error window immediately popped up, claiming an anti-cheat error was found and the client needed to be rebooted.

Mixwell also claims that the same error has happened to other players, including G2 Esports streamer Lothar.

Vanguard, Riot’s new anti-cheat system, is a cheat detection tool that allows for “consistently evolving detection methods” to ban cheaters mid-match, according to Riot. But the system appears to be too sensitive.

The former C9 player appealed to Riot Support, asking to have his account unlocked. In the meantime, Mixwell is hitting Summoner’s Rift for some League of Legends matches.

Fans who want to watch Mixwell grind the League ladder can tune into his Twitch channel.