Code Green VALORANT tournament announced for this Friday

Code Green's first VALORANT showing is coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

BoomTV and CashApp are teaming up for another Code Green tournament this Friday, and this time it will feature Riot’s new FPS VALORANT.

The event will feature a 16-team double elimination bracket, with $20,000 up for grabs that will be sent to COVID-19 relief charities. Another $10,000 will be given away in the chat, courtesy of CashApp.

To cut down on match times, BoomTV says the winners bracket will be best-of-two and the losers bracket will be a best-of-one. Teams will be announced throughout the week leading up to the tournament, which begins at 2pm CT on April 17.

The first two teams have been announced, the first of which features Seagull, JakeNBake, ShahZam, Emongg, and Crashies. The second team stars bnans, Electra, LuluLuvely, Fooya, and MissHarvey.

Riot revealed its plans for VALORANT esports earlier today, and it puts the spotlight on third-party organizes like BoomTV in the early-goings of the game’s lifespan. Eventually, Riot hopes to see large-scale events by organizers like ESL and Dreamhack.

The tournament will be broadcast on CashApp’s Twitch channel, and the participating players will be streaming it as well. The bracket and more will be found at