Cloud9’s Xeppaa pulls off explosive Raze ace to win VALORANT game in overtime

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Image via Riot Games.

Cloud9 VALORANT player Xeppaa finished off his ranked game in style, ending the overtime match on Bind with an impressive Raze ace.

Xeppaa shared this clip on Twitter, showing him holding the Hookah spot on the defensive side of Bind, with his team leading 15-14 in overtime. At this point, the entire enemy team (featuring a couple of pro players in NRG’s s0m and former XSET/NRG member Wedid) is stacked in mid looking for an opening pick.

But Xeppaa wasn’t about to let his team down. instead, he peeked mid and used a paintcan grenade to flush two opponents out of the left-side corner, letting him get his first two kills on Chamber and the opposing Raze. He used another grenade and the Boombot to take more space, and even though Brimstone got past this utility, Xeppaa locked on for the Vandal headshot.

That third kill unlocked Xeppaa’s ultimate, and the C9 player immediately activated it and threw down a blast pack to bounce his way into mid and get the Showstopper kill on Jett. Before Xeppaa even touched the ground, he immediately threw down another blast pack to bounce his way down mid, catching the final Sova off guard as he rotated into mid from Fountain.

A look of almost surprise on Xeppaa’s face gave way to a huge grin as his teammates, including C9 teammate mitch, went wild in the voice chat celebrating his play and the 16-14 win on Bind.

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