Cloud9 White complete three-peat with victory at Game Changers 3

Not quite flawless but another trophy regardless.

Image via Cloud9

Cloud9 White further solidified their claim as the best women’s VALORANT team in North America, winning VCT Game Changers Three while only dropping one map. C9 White has now won all three Game Changers events in North America, achieving the three-peat while with only two map losses across all three tournaments.

With both of the first Game Changers trophies already in their cabinets, all eyes were on C9 White as the team to beat. They played spoiler to the XSET Female roster’s debut, but the team with nothing to lose did make things interesting by taking C9 to overtime on Haven. After that close call, C9 White reasserted their dominance with a thrashing of Dignitas Female, capped off with a 13-1 rout on Bind.

In both the winner’s finals and the grand finals, C9 White had to contend with a familiar foe in Shopify Rebellion. The Shopify team was the only team during all of Game Changers to take a single map from C9 White, a 13-7 affair in the Game Changers Two qualifier on Split. C9 White won the upper finals this time around and earned another grand finals match against Shopify after the Rebels beat Dignitas in overtime.

C9 White took Icebox and Ascent before an impressive Shopify defense on Haven denied the reigning champs a perfect run. But C9 White built a huge lead on defense to start Bind, taking both pistols for the first time in the series to shut the door on a potential comeback from Shopify Rebellion.

In the past, C9 White has cited their willingness to compete in various open qualifiers as a primary difference-maker when it comes to competing in Game Changers. With three straight victories now at Game Changers, it certainly appears like that process is paying dividends, with the team taking home $60k in prize pool money alone over the past few months.