Best ultimates in VALORANT

These are the biggest momentum shifters in VALORANT.

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Success in VALORANT comes from cooperative teamwork, smart use of abilities, and skilled gunplay. Each agent’s ultimate ability is impressive to varying degrees, but unlike in Overwatch, for example, a single ultimate can’t win an entire game.

That being said, some ultimates are more impactful than others and have the potential to swing the momentum of a round on multiple occasions. Here are our picks for the best ultimates in VALORANT.

Killjoy’s Lockdown – “You should run.”

With Lockdown’s ability to clear out a site from either an attacking or defending side, its versatility makes it one of the best ultimates in VALORANT. When placed, it forces enemy combatants out of its bubble, otherwise locking them down for eight seconds where they can’t shoot or use abilities.

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Typically, Lockdown is placed before an attacking team takes a site or before the defense attempts to retake a site to limit the amount of opposition expected. This forces the enemy to either get dangerously aggressive to try and destroy the Lockdown device or retreat outside of the bubble and the site. It can also be effectively used on the attacking side post-plant to cut the amount of time the defenders can play with on a retake.

Sage’s Resurrection – “Your duty is not over.”

During VALORANT’s days as Project A, Sage’s Resurrection was initially viewed as a game-breaking ability that didn’t belong. While it thankfully serves as an ultimate and not a basic ability, it’s still an ability that can have huge impacts on a round.

There’s not much that needs to be said about the strategic value in bringing an ally back to life. Sage players can use their Resurrection on players who have readied ultimates themselves, allowing the team to really pull off a momentum swing. Sage’s other abilities help her with her Resurrection, blocking off or slowing down enemies trying to kill her ally a second time.

Jett’s Blade Storm – “Watch this!”

When the knives come out, a round’s momentum is bound to shift. Jett’s Blade Storm lets the player equip a set of five throwing knives that she can either dish out one at a time (left click) or all at once (right click). On top of being highly deadly and accurate, these knives restock on each kill, allowing Jett to build momentum and easily transition from kill to kill.

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Jett players can use her ultimate in multiple scenarios. Many use the knives as a weapon substitute during a force buy or save, bolstering an underfunded team’s attempt at a thrifty round. Many of VALORANT’s best Jett players use the Operator and having knives available gives the mobile sniper a more suitable weapon for close-range scenarios.

Phoenix’s Run It Back – “Joke’s over, you’re dead.”

Phoenix’s fiery duplicate deployment gives the duelist more chances to change the momentum of a round. After being cast, Phoenix has 10 seconds to move around, shoot, and use his abilities before he’s returned to the casting marker. If he’s killed, he returns as well.

Run It Back can be used in a plethora of ways outside of just getting kills. Yes, getting kills is great because there’s no consequence to getting traded. But it can also be used to gather information from a packed site or to stick a defuse and ensure the halfway point.

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury – “Nowhere to run.”

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury is perhaps the most versatile of the ultimates available. The three long-range blasts of energy can pierce walls, strike and potentially kill multiple targets, and reveal their location. Naturally, an ultimate of this caliber can be used in many different scenarios.

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Hunter’s Fury is an excellent tool for denying plants and defuses. A well-placed ping from an ally can allow Sova to stop an enemy from a safe distance. Two blasts from the ability can kill an opponent, so Sova players who hit on the first or second blast have a good chance to take an advantage. It can also be used to counter ultimates like Sage’s Resurrection or Killjoy’s Lockdown if you know where to aim.

Honorable mentions include the ultimates for Brimstone and Breach, which can each be used to deny plants and defuses to great success.

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