Average Jonas shows Viper lineup for new VALORANT map Breeze

The streamer is already finding lineups on the new map.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans will finally be able to enjoy Breeze on April 27 and explore the new tropical map while they take and defend sites. But before the map has even released, Team Liquid streamer Average Jonas has already found and shared a useful tactic for Viper to help players take A site. 

Using this strategy, Viper players can place her wall on a specific edge of a doorway to block their push into A site and avoid being killed from a distance. Breeze features large open areas and is perfect for long-ranged weapons like the Operator, so using abilities effectively is vital. 

Players can also perform a jump throw with Viper’s Poison Cloud and Snake Bite to create a safe space for their team to plant the Spike. The poison cloud will provide cover while planting, and the Snake Bite can be used after planting to prevent enemies from defusing the Spike. 

Using both abilities to defend a planted Spike is an excellent way to win a round without exposing yourself to enemies. It’s also tough for enemies to find players outside of the site while the Spike is ticking. 

Breeze is the newest map in VALORANT and features large open areas, wide choke points, and dozens of angles to cover. The map will force players to experiment with new weapons and agents, since Breeze is drastically different from most other maps. It also might allow overlooked agents to shine if their abilities are suitable for the new battlefield. 

Breeze will be available in VALORANT on April 27. Players will likely find many more lineups for abilities once the map is released. 

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