All VALORANT Pride player card meanings

Celebrate Pride month in VALORANT and all the other Riot titles.

Pride month recently kicked off and Riot Games is celebrating the occasion with events in all of its games. Earlier in the week, the developer introduced Pride-themed player cards in VALORANT. Players can unlock these seven cards with their respective codes.

Once you have the code for the card you’d like to unlock, head over to VALORANT’s official Redemption page. Sign in with your Riot account and you’ll be able to enter the code of your choice.

The available codes are as follows:

  • COTTONCANDY (Transgender)
  • GALACTIC (Non-binary)
  • PRIMARY (Pansexual)
  • SHERBET (Lesbian)
  • SUNSET (Bisexual)
  • TWILIGHT (Asexual)

You can also check out Riot’s merch store for awesome-looking souvenirs that will be on sale until the end of July. All of the proceeds from the sales of these items will go to the It Gets Better Project. If you frequently play multiple Riot titles, make sure to log into all of them throughout the Pride month to unlock all the exclusive skins and cosmetic items while you have the chance.