All VALORANT Premier play requirements

Make sure you're eligible to play the mode.

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VALORANT Premier is officially live as of the start of Episode Seven, Act Two, with the inaugural ‘Launch Stage’ season. Players will be able to compete with a team over weekly matches across the entire map pool, with rewards and a path-to-pro awaiting the victors.

If you wish to play Premier now that the mode is available in VALORANT, there are three steps you must take before joining or creating your own team to start climbing the ladder. Here is everything you need to know to become eligible for Premier.

All VALORANT Premier play requirements

The enrollment process kicks off on April 25 and lasts until April 28. The three eligibility steps to play Premier are:

  • Players must have a verified account upon joining or creating a team. If you haven’t done this already, you’ll need to verify your VALORANT account through SMS verification.
    • Open the VALORANT client, head to the Premier tab, and click “Verify” in the “Verify Panel” on the right.
    • Insert your country code, followed by your area code, and your phone number. If you’re unsure what your country code is, you can find it here.
    • Riot will send a code through SMS and after you enter that code, your account will be verified.
  • Players must have completed Ranked Placements in at least one Act in VALORANT in the account they wish to play Premier.
  • The account in question must be in good standing.

After you have completed these two steps, you’ll become eligible to create a team or join an existing team in VALORANT Premier. The teams can have up to seven players and the division you get to play will be based on the MMR of the top five players of the team. You will also select a regional zone to play in, based on how nearby you and your players are.

Once the enrollment phase is done and players have selected the region they want to compete in, the Premier players will play up to two matches a week.

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