All Ultra Edition weapon skins in VALORANT

VALORANT Ultra Edition skins are the most customizable and expensive.

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VALORANT has released multiple weapon skin bundles since its official release in June 2020.

Many skins are sold at various prices and come in different Editions. The highest Edition of weapon skins that players can obtain is the Ultra Edition, which has the most customization options and is the highest price per skin.

Here is a list of the Ultra Edition skins that have hit VALORANT servers and how you can obtain them.

List of Ultra Edition weapon skins in VALORANT


The Elderflame skins were the first-ever Ultra Edition skins in VALORANT, and they have retained their popularity over the years. These skins take the form of dragons in varied sizes and have complex reload animations, custom sounds, and a killer finisher.

Released during Patch 1.03, the Elderflame skins consist of an Operator, Vandal, Frenzy, Judge and dagger melee. The original bundle also came with a custom Elderflame player card, spray, and gun buddy that cannot be purchased now.

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Each weapon skin can be fully upgraded using Radianite, which gives the skins added animations while using and reloading it, adds the finisher, and gives three alternative color options. The default color option for the Elderflame skins is a purple color with orange accents while the other color combinations are black and blue, blue and red, and red and purple.

Each skin can be purchased in the rotating VALORANT shop that updates daily for 2,475 VALORANT Points ($25 USD), with the melee costing 4,950 VP ($50 USD).

Protocol 781-A

The most recent Ultra Edition skin to release was the Protocol 781-A collection. These skins took on a robotic style with various color combinations and the added feature of a custom voice line attached to the skins. Depending on the color variant chosen by the player the voice attached to the weapon will change pitches, giving more personality to the weapon.

Like the Elderflame, these skins can be fully customized and originally came with a custom gun buddy, spray, and player card that can no longer be purchased.

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Released during Patch 4.0, the Protocol 781-A collection features a Sheriff, Spectre, Bulldog, Phandom, and melee. These skins come in four different color variants; the default is a black and gold combination with gray and pink, blue and red, and brown and green also being options for colors. Each skin can be purchased in the rotating VALORANT shop that updates daily for 2,475 VP ($25 USD), while the melee costs 4,950 VP ($45 USD).

Champions 2021 Collection

While the Champions skins are not technically listed as Ultra Edition skins, they are at an even higher price point and will never return to the shop. The collection featured a Champions-themed Vandal and Karambit melee with three player cards and a custom player title. These skins were used to raise extra prize money for the teams competing at Champions during 2021, which raised over $18 million across all the VALORANT regions by the time the sale was over.

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The original Vandal skin cost 2,670 VP ($30 USD), with the melee costing 5,350 VP ($50 USD). While the skins only came in one color variant, the skin would glow when the player using it was on a killing spree and the finisher would play music from Champions. Unlike the other Ultra Edition skins the Champions bundle was limited and will never return to the shop.