Aim Lab adds custom training maps for VALORANT

New maps, skins, and more will drop on April 29.

Screengrab via Aim Lab

Aim Lab is catering to VALORANT players by adding in more custom training options for the game, including maps and skins.

The popular aim-training platform has partnered with Riot Games in the past to create drills and training specific to VALORANT, even offering the chance to earn items based on in-game performance for VALORANT Challengers North America back in January

All of the new VALORANT content will be on the live servers starting April 29. The following training courses are being added:

  • Ascent Headshot
  • Ascent Microflex
  • Ascent Wall Peek
  • Ascent Tracking
  • Haven Trigger Discipline 
  • Haven Entry

Several top players, including Babybay and TenZ, tested out the new training courses. More details are set to drop alongside the maps. 

Aim Labs recently became the official training partner of Rainbow Six Siege. The platform continues to improve its AI-based training system to help players learn their strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance in various other shooters.

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