VALORANT Challengers North America partners with Aim Lab

This is neat.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Challengers North America has teamed up with aim-training platform Aim Lab, Riot Games announced today.

"Aim Lab’s cutting-edge training programs use the VALORANT API to provide esports players a personalized regimen that identifies particular strengths and weaknesses within their gameplay," Riot said. "The programs will develop valuable in-game skills like flicking, wall peeking, and holding angles—perfect for drilling 1-tap headshots and leveling-up pistol rounds. To compliment these efforts, Aim Lab has launched its Creator Studio, where the community can build their own tasks for VALORANT training."

Aim Lab has been a popular aim-training platform for some time and has partnered with streamers and organizations before. The program will include drills and training specific to VALORANT. Players will have the chance to earn in-game items pertaining to their Aim Lab scores and programs completed, too. All in all, the partnership aims to up the skill level in VALORANT by helping regular players gain access to guided training.

In addition to programs for regular players, Aim Lab will have support for professional players specifically, giving them access to training as well.

“Nothing quite like this has ever been done before in the history of competitive tactical shooters,” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder and CEO of Aim Lab.

The North American VALORANT Champions Tour begins today, Jan. 27.