100 Thieves Hiko wins 1-vs-4 in VCT round against XSET, deletes opponents in quick turnaround

There’s “nowhere to run” when facing Hiko.

Image via Riot Games

During the NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier yesterday, 100 Thieves’ Hiko won a round on Ascent after coming out on top of a one-vs-four fight against XSET.

100 Thieves were on defense, and the players split between the two sites to cover as much map as they could. Hiko and Asuna guarded B site while the rest of their team remained on the opposite side of the map. XSET rushed B site and pushed all together at the beginning of the round, finding a kill on Asuna and leaving only Hiko to defend the site. 

Knowing the enemy team was entering the site, Hiko advanced and found his first kill of the round but remained uncovered. He was seen by the enemy Skye and was shot, which dropped his health from 150 to 21 HP.

Hiko entered cover, but his positioning was already revealed by then. He used all his ammunition, hoping to find a kill though the wall to no avail. There was no time to recharge, as his opponents had almost reached him. Hiko swapped his Phantom for his pistol, since it was the only charged weapon he was left with. 

In a fast-paced turn of events, Hiko secured two consecutive kills with his Classic pistol using the right-click shot. The 100 Thieves player then switched back to his Phantom, now charged, and eliminated the last opponent, helping his team win the round in less than 30 seconds.

Those interested in the VCT Last Chance Qualifier can watch it on Twitch on the VALORANT official stream account.