12 June 2017 - 22:18

Beyond Good & Evil 2 revealed at E3

The game has been 14 years in the making.
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Image via Ubisoft

Miracle isn't a word that gets used often, but this is certainly one of those times. Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced during Ubisoft's press conference at E3 today—14 years after the original game launched.

Fans have been hoping and praying for another title to emerge for over a decade, and after so long, many had lost hope. Today's announcement, ladies and gentleman, is a miracle.

The first game, Beyond Good & Evil, was one of the most critically acclaimed action-adventure games of the early 2000s. In fact, it helped to define the genre moving forward. The game featured many deeper concepts involving conspiracy theories and moral quandaries, and Jade, the protagonist, was sassy and smart. She was a staple in the movement to bring more strong female leads to video games, and the game captured the hearts of many—forming a cult following. It was also nominated for the Game Developers Choice Awards' "Game of the Year" in 2004.

The rumors about a sequel began nearly ten years ago, and they've popped up here and there ever since. After so many rumors were dispelled, the thought of a sequel became merely a tall tale that long-time fans clung to for hope. Well, we're finally getting it, and it's still hard to believe.

Michel Ancel, the creative director of the new game and writer of the original title, took to the stage after the trailer's reveal to give fans a tearful thanks for sticking around for the long haul. After all, it takes a lot for fans to still want a sequel after nearly a decade-and-a-half, but here we are. The new game will take place before the birth of Jade, in the 24th century in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society known as System 3.

Details on the game's release have yet to be announced. The first game covered all the major consoles of the era—Gamecube, PC, PS2, and Xbox—so the new title will likely follow suit.

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