What new champions can we expect to see in TFT Set 3: Galaxies?

TFT: Galaxies will be an adventure out of this world.

Riot Games revealed the thematic for set three, Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, which is coming to live servers in March.

TFT: Galaxies will be an adventure out of this world. Players will have the opportunity to explore the different galaxies, each with its own set of rules and mechanics. It will also introduce a new set of champions, traits, and skins that fit into the outer space theme. Riot didn’t share the new champions, but we can speculate who might be coming to TFT: Galaxies based on the skin lines.

The most obvious group of champions that we might expect in TFT: Galaxies are the Star Guardians.

Star Guardians, ready to defend the galaxy

Star Guardian is one of the parallel universes in League of Legends. The story follows a group of high school students as they attempt to protect the universe from danger. The skin line features 14 characters, 11 of which are already being part of TFT.

Set One

  • Ahri, Wild-Sorcerer
  • Jinx, Gunslinger-Hextech
  • Lulu, Yordle-Sorcerer
  • Miss Fortune, Gunslinger-Pirate
  • Poppy, Yordle-Knight

Set Two

  • Ezreal, Glacial-Ranger
  • Janna, Cloud-Mystic
  • Lux, Avatar
  • Neeko, Woodland-Druid
  • Soraka, Light-Mystic
  • Syndra, Ocean-Mage

It’s possible that some of the champions in the list make a comeback for TFT: Galaxies. The new set might inherit traits from the previous sets like Gunslingers and Mages, which was previously known as Sorcerers.

Every hero needs a great villain, and the Star Guardians have the Corrupted Guardians. Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe are former Star Guardians that were corrupted by the dark side. None of these champions were part of TFT before, so TFT: Galaxies could be their debut.

The dark side of space

Not everything is colorful and fun in space. There are some dark and beautiful entities born as Dark Stars. The Dark Star skin line is known for its intricate splash arts and the color palette that includes strong purples and blues. There are nine champions in the Dark Star group.

Set One

  • Cho’Gath, Void-Brawler
  • Varus, Demon-Ranger

Set Two

  • Varus, Inferno-Ranger
  • Karma, Lunar-Mystic
  • Thresh, Ocean-Warden
  • Kha’Zix, Desert-Assassin

Jarvan IV, Jhin, Orianna, and Shaco are also part of the Dark Star line. Varus was part of the previous sets and is likely to return in TFT: Galaxies. Jhin could fit in with Miss Fortune and Jinx into the Gunslinger category. 

TFT Set Three, a Space Odyssey

Finally, there is the Odyssey skin line, another alternative universe in League of Legends that is included its own game mode. Odyssey: Extraction was a temporary game mode available in 2018 between Sept. 12 and Oct. 8.

Odyssey includes characters that we already mentioned like Jinx, so there’s a double chance for her to be part of TFT: Galaxies. The rest of the characters in the Odyssey line are Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, Kayn, and Ziggs.

Yasuo and Malphite are part of TFT: Rise of the Elements. Sona, Kayn, and Ziggs have yet to be included in the TFT universe.

All images via Riot Games