Vayne, Zed, and Riven will be added to existing Teamfight Tactics traits in mid-set update


Image via Riot Games

A couple of familiar faces are returning to Teamfight Tactics’ Set Three.

The mid-set update introduces tons of new content to the autobattler, spicing things up in time for the summer season. And oldies Vayne and Zed are making their return in Set Three, as well as new unit Riven, according to today’s dev blog post. The three are joining existing traits, which should be an easy transition into the intergalactic battle.

Vayne will be a three-cost Cybernetic Sniper. The unit’s ability, Final Hour, will allow her to go invisible when tumbling away from targets and deal bonus attack damage. This addition will be huge for the Cybernetic trait, who previously had to luck out with an Ekko to hit the six-unit bonus. And since her ability will drop enemy aggro, players can just stack damage items on her.

Zed will replace Sona on the Rebel fleet and join fellow assassins as an Infiltrator. Every third attack, Zed deals bonus magic damage and steals a percent of his target’s current attack damage. As a two-cost unit, the Master of Shadows won’t be too overpowered. But he’ll help a group of Rebels who normally stay stacked up together, taking out potential long-range threats.

And Riven enters as a four-cost Chrono Blademaster, dashing and shielding herself before slashing forward. And every third cast, Riven leaps into the air and launches an energy wave. Since Riven “loves AP items,” she’s a big departure from typical Blademasters. But this will give players something to do with their Needlessly Large Rods.

Aside from these three units, players can expect a number of new champs and traits to freshen up an already enjoyable TFT set.