Urgot undergoes adjustments on Teamfight Tactics PBE

Mort lays out a series of balance changes being applied to Urgot on the PBE.

Image via Riot Games

Changes are coming to Urgot in Teamfight Tactics and lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer has a full breakdown of what to expect on the PBE. 

Of all the five-cost champions in TFT, Urgot is one that players complain the most about. His power levels aren’t that unbalanced when compared to other five-cost champions, according to Mortdog. 

“From a FEELS perspective though, this is where he is currently missing the mark,” Mortdog said. 

There are issues with Urgot that need to be addressed, though. These include his targeting and power levels compared to when he’s a one-star, two-star, or three-star. There’s little to no incentive to level Urgot up. 

“First, his targeting isn’t random, but it FEELS random,” Mortdog said. “The Yasuo/Rakan style targeting he has doesn’t leave a lot of room for skillful positioning outplays, and due to everything moving around, ends up feeling out of your control. The second, is that the power of 1-star compared to 2-star and 3-star is too flat.

To resolve these issues, the TFT team has come up with several adjustments that will be tested on the PBE. A full breakdown of each adjustment and why it was made can be found in Mort’s post

  • Spell Targeting: Farthest in Attack Range >>> Farthest
  • Urgot’s spell now hits the first enemy it collides with instead of always hitting the intended target.
  • Attack Range: 660 (three Hexes) >>> 420 (two Hexes)
  • Execute is now preventable with Guardian’s Angel.
  • Time to reel in enemy now scales with Star Level. 1.5 sec >>> 3/2/1 sec.
  • Mana 40/90 >>> 50/100
  • Mana Reduction Per Cast: 10/20/90 >>> 20/30/100

All PBE changes are tentative and subject to change. Not every adjustment made to Urgot may stick around once the next TFT balance change drops in two weeks.