Top 3 meta Teamfight Tactics comps for Patch 10.7

Use these comps to climb up the ranked ladder.

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With Rebels canned and Protectors not what they used to be, Teamfight Tactics fans are likely looking for a new comp to fill that void—and one fan has the answer.

TFT player Wrainbash put together another meta comp spreadsheet by compiling builds from several Challenger players, posting their findings today. These team comps synergize well, giving top-of-the-line frontlines with high damage threats in the backlines. With Patch 10.8 going live next week, you may want to take advantage of these comps while you can.

Here are three meta comps to stomp the TFT ladder in Patch 10.7.

Mech Infiltrators 

Screengrab via Mobalytics

The Mech Infiltrator strategy is fairly simple: Keep your Super-Mech in the front and put your assassins in the back.

Former League of Legends pro LeDuck advises players to rush to level six quickly, snagging your three Mechs immediately. This will give you the best odds to land multiple copies of Annie, Rumble, and Fizz simultaneously—especially since you want to three-star them all.

Players should focus on more defensive items for the Super-Mech, such as Dragon’s Claw, Bramble Vest, Titan’s Resolve, or Quicksilver. This will ensure your mech is up as long as possible, allowing your Infiltrators to destroy the enemy backline.

While Super-Mech tanks everything, Shaco and Kai’Sa are your deadly assassins. Putting Infinity Edge on Shaco gives him big crits and a Guardian’s Angel will give the jester a second wind. For Kai’Sa, Grievous Wounds are a necessity for shutting down enemy heals.

LeDuck also suggests putting a Gangplank in for the Demolitionist bonus or a Lux for the Sorcerer bonus.

Cybernetic stomp 

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One of the more popular compositions that’s emerged after Rebels and Protectors was nerfed is the Cybernetics.

Former League pro Sologesang advises a six-Cybernetic comp with Valkyries, Blasters, and Blademasters to supplement. Having six Cybernetics gives units 800 additional health and 80 extra attack damage when equipped with an item. Irelia becomes the hyper carry with two Infinity Edges and a Guardian’s Angel to give her longevity. Three Blademasters also give Irelia a 30-percent chance to trigger additional auto attacks, giving more opportunities for critical strikes.

Throwing Red Buff on Lucian will give him extra health as well so he can burn multiple targets and cut healing for longer. Place him in the back to keep him safe with a Kayle in one corner and a Miss Fortune in the other.

Vi, Leona, and Fiora should be enough of a frontline to allow Irelia easy pickings on her targets.

Shaco and the Sniper

Screengrab via Mobalytics

This comp once again uses Shaco as the carry but adds in the Convergence’s most powerful sniper—Jhin.

LeDuck runs Dark Stars to give both Jhin and Shaco the trait bonus, gaining additional AD and AP when an ally Dark Star unit dies. Putting Jhin in the back corner will keep him safe from most champions. And to work around a potential Blitzcrank pull, throw a Trap Claw on him to keep him safe and sound. The addition of Ashe will give Jhin the sniper bonus and add some extra crowd control to your comp.

Shaco once again runs Infinity Edge, Guardian’s Angel, and Bloodthirster since they’re three optimal items for damage and sustain.

Landing a three-star Mordekaiser can give you a healthy frontline, along with Jarvan and Lux. You’ll want to equip the typical beefy items on Morde, like Bramble Vest and Dragon’s Claw. This will ensure your tanks take the brunt of the damage while your carries are untouched.