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Top 3 meta Teamfight Tactics comps for Patch 10.12

It's time to climb the ranked ladder.

The Teamfight Tactics mid-set update brought tons of new content to the Convergence. But with champion additions and removals, some players might need some help on creating the ideal comp.

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TFT player Wrainbash has once again compiled a list of meta comps used by Challenger players, posting the spreadsheet today. The mid-set update brought in some new high flyers that are dominant. But some oldies are still putting up a fight.

Here are the three best comps for stomping the competition in Patch 10.12.

Vayne and the Cybersquad

Screengrab via

Vayne made quite the return to the autobattler. The new unit is a hyper carry that’s difficult to kill and destroys tanks effortlessly.

Six Cybernetics gives Vayne additional health and attack damage, making her simultaneously tankier and more powerful. Former League of Legends pro LeDuck suggests throwing an Infinity Edge on Vayne for extra crit, while equipping her with a Giant Slayer and Last Whisper to counter tanky units. As an alternative to Giant Slayer, players can use Guardian’s Angel for more survivability.

While Vayne is the star of the show, you still need five other Cybernetics to earn the six-unit bonus. Irelia and Ekko are must-have units since they’re two of the stronger Cybernetics in the game. Players should look to two-star Ekko and throw a Red Buff on him to inflict Grievous Wounds on your opponents. You can throw a Red Buff on Lucian for the early game until you can replace the Blaster with Ekko.

Keep Thresh, Leona, and Vi as your frontline. And put a throwaway unit next to Vayne, like Fiora, to avoid a Blitzcrank hook. Caitlyn is also a necessity to complete Vayne’s Sniper bonus.

Mystic Vanguards

Screengrab via

It’s time to tank.

The Mystic Vanguard comp has little counterplay since it awards players with both armor and magic resistance. Cassiopeia is the top carry on this team, dealing tons of damage and reducing the effectiveness of shields. Former League pro Sologesang suggests equipping a Morellonomicon to cut enemy healing and a Blue Buff to spam Noxious Blast repeatedly. A Rapid Firecannon is also a great option because it’ll allow Cassiopeia to deal devastating damage from a safe distance.

As usual, put some beefy units in the frontline, like Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Jayce, and Wukong. Give Jayce a Guardian’s Angel and Dragon’s Claw for more tankiness and an Ionic Spark to give more strength to the Cass.

Players should then surround their carry with shields and healers. Karma and Soraka will keep your carry up, while Lulu provides the CC necessary to buy more time. 

Brawlin’ Blasters

Screengrab via

No matter what meta we’re in, it seems like Brawlin’ Blasters elbow their way in.

Jinx is your carry, surrounded by a group of bodyguards to make sure she stays safe. Former Hearthstone pro Fluffy suggests equipping the Loose Cannon with a Last Whisper to counter tanks, a Rapid Firecannon to deal damage from afar, and a Deathblade to combo with her Get Excited passive. Players can use Infinity Edge as an alternative to Deathblade.

Placing Blitz near Jinx will help her proc her passive quickly by eliminating an easy target. And Ezreal will give you the two-unit Blaster bonus, as well as Grievous Wounds with Red Buff.

Fluffy explains that this is a “very flexible comp” since you can add in Thresh, Mystics, or Demolitionists during the later stages of the game. A Janna would also help counter a Protector comp, converting Jinx’s basic attacks to magic damage.

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