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Neeko Teamfight Tactics art Set 10
Image via Riot Games

The best TFT Set 10 team comps for Patch 13.23

The best of the best for early in Set 10.

After a week of Teamfight Tactics Set 10, the best team compositions have risen to the top. Some revolve around three-starring key units, while others are just focused on getting the perfect items on the strongest unit.

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Here are three of the best team comps for TFT Set 10, why they work so well, and some honorable mentions that also can lead to victories in ranked play.

Top TFT Set 10 comps for Patch 13.23

There are a handful of good compositions that players can try and build to win games in TFT on launch, but if you play a lot of ranked, you’ll see these three compositions a lot, and for good reason. They all have a specific aspect that can win them games when collected, whether it’s a cheap unit or a rarer, more expensive one. To start, let’s look at a comp that focuses on one of the cheapest units in the set.

Three-star Emo or Spellweaver Annie comp

Out of all the one-cost units players have tested out, Annie has proven to be the strongest one to three-star thanks to her ability and very useful traits. Plus, thanks to the Headliner system in Set 10, seeing a two-star Annie in your shop will be relatively common early on, whether she offers the two Emo or two Spellweaver bonus.

For a quick rundown, here is what the composition looks like in the lategame.

The Spellweaver Annie comp in TFT Set 10
The Spellweaver Annie comp in TFT Set 10. Image via

The Superfan trait will give Annie, the Headliner, a Spear of Shojin, so the only other two items players will need to build for her is another Spear, as well as Nashor’s Tooth. The only other primary damage dealer is Ahri, and Amumu and Neeko are the two tanks you need to build up.

Now, if you get a Headliner Annie with an extra Emo slot instead of Spellweaver, this build remains mostly the same as above, but with one key change: Vex instead of Ahri. Spellweaver won’t be as strong, but Annie should get her ability off more, alongside Amumu and Vex. Both are viable to victories, but Spellweaver is more consistent. If you can get Annie uncontested to three-star, get the Spellweaver version. But, if you are contested, Emo works too.

Jazz Miss Fortune comp

Another top comp in early TFT Set 10 days revolves around the Jazz trait, and its staple unit, Miss Fortune. Thanks to the Superfan trait, and how Kennen, Lillia, and Ekko activate multiple traits as soon as they get on a board, Jazz works very well with them. Three-starring Bard and/or Miss Fortune and getting the perfect items on them can make them nigh unkillable if the frontline stays alive long enough, which Jazz helps with.

The Jazz Miss Fortune comp in TFT Set 10
The Jazz Miss Fortune comp in TFT Set 10. Image via

Jeweled Gauntlet is key on Bard, as well as Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Miss Fortune. The two items Superfan will offer them if they are the Headliner are Adaptive Helm for Bard, and Deathblade for Miss Fortune. Then, as the match goes on, you either look to get Lucian to activate more of Jazz, or Jhin to roll with Big Shot.

Pentakill Karthus Akali comp

Last but not least, this compositions relies on the Executioner trait, but mixed with Pentakill, to make a strong frontline as two key units assassinate large amounts of enemies at once. Those two units, as the name of the comp suggests, are Karthus and Akali. Both of them have abilities that hit multiple targets, and with the right items, can eliminate enemies as soon as they cast their ability for the first time.

The Pentakill Karthus Akali comp in TFT Set 10. Image via

It would take until the lategame to get units like Karthus or Akali as a Headliner, though they would be win conditions if found. The real Headliner you should expect is Mordekaiser, with the Crownguard as the Superfan item. Getting him to three-star solidifies the frontline, allowing the Karthus especially to survive for as long as possible. Then, with those items, he just builds his damage and outputs it on the entire enemy team.

Honorable mentions

Some other comps that are viable that players can use to get top four consistently range from a variety of traits:

  • Country Samira
  • Crowd Diver Katarina
  • Disco Twisted Fate
  • Big Shot Ezreal

One more that needs mentioning is the classic endgame comp every trait has, where the focus is to get to level eight as soon as possible and place as many strong five-costs. It’s a valid comp in this set as well, but it isn’t nearly as easily planned for as the comps above.

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