TFT Set 8 Underground tables drop with final PBE patch heading into launch

Break out the notepad because the final patch is huge.

Image via Riot Games

A huge Teamfight Tactics PBE patch will go live today, tweaking everything in Set Eight prior to the launch next week, along with tables for the Underground trait.

Scheduled to release on Dec. 7, TFT Set Eight showcases a new Hero Augment mechanic, as well as new traits and champions. Today’s PBE patch is the final update prior to launch, with no more balance changes expected to occur for the remainder of the week, according to game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Players can expect the PBE update to go live around 2pm CT today. 

In addition to the massive changes, of which most are small tweaks, Mortdog also released the tables for everyone’s favorite TFT Set Eight trait, Underground. 

Viego was the one champion who got the most balance changes in today’s PBE update, receiving several key buffs. Both forms of spell damage, AOE and direct, were buffed across the board. And Viego also got 100 health added and a small mana buff to 0/50. 

Fiddlesticks received nerfs through the PBE update, taking a huge nerf to their spell damage while getting the corrupted ability power per soul buffed. And Aphelios also took a hit to his spell and weapons. 

The Brawler trait was buffed, solidifying it as a strong trait during the early game, along with Defender to potentially improve the stability of the trait during the late-game stages. Heart was nerfed per AP cast and the locks per heist for the Underground trait were increased from nine to 10. 

Players can test out all the TFT Set Eight PBE changes leading up to the release of Monsters Attack! on Dec. 7.


Danny Forster
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