TFT Set 6 patch preview reveals Samira nerf and Bodyguard buff

A preview of upcoming TFT Set 6 nerfs and buffs was revealed today.

Image via Riot Games

A large number of important Teamfight Tactics Set Six nerfs and buffs were highlighted today by Riot Games. 

Patch 11.23 is the first update since the release of TFT Set Six. There was no B-patch following the release of Gizmos and Gadgets, avoiding “balance trashing,” according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. A B-patch was also likely skipped due to the first NA qualifier, the Piltover Cup, taking place this weekend.

The TFT Patch 11.23 highlights revealed today by Riot might have major implications on the Set Six meta moving forward. 

Samira is one of the strongest stage four champions, while the Mercenary trait has led many TFT players to a first-place finish in their lobbies. Both are slated to get nerfs in Patch 11.23, along with Set Six champions Gangplank and Miss Fortune. The traits Innovator and Academy are also on the nerf list. 

The Bodyguard trait has fallen short within the initial TFT Set Six meta, earning it a buff that could improve several comps. Patch 11.23 is also showing some love to the traits Colossus and Imperial, including a buff to Galio.

A total of eight Hextech Augment changes that are scheduled to take place in TFT Patch 11.23 were revealed today. Notable effects on the nerf list include Woodland Charm and Underdogs. No reworks are scheduled to take place, but there are two adjustments slated to occur within the Enforcer and Sniper traits. 

The TFT Set Six Patch 11.23 is scheduled to drop on Nov. 17.