TFT Set 6 Patch 11.23 to make ‘big changes,’ rework Enforcer, nerf Mercenary units

Mercenary champions take a hit while Colossus gets a sweet buff.

TFT Set 6 Gangplank
Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Set Six’s Patch 11.23 is slated to receive a large number of “big” changes that will likely shift the meta but not create “balance trashing,” game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer said in today’s 11.23 Patch Rundown.

Scheduled to take place on Nov. 17, the TFT Set Six 11.23 patch will include a rework to the Enforcer and Academy traits, along with nerfs to several overpowered champions. Mercenary trait units Gangplank and Miss Fortune are taking hits, along with a number of nerfs to the trait itself, as revealed during the Patch Rundown.

Mortdog also said an Enforcer rework is a “design correction.” The trait will no longer be able to detain Set Six champions who have crowd control immunity or have been hit with a Zephyr. This includes Colossus units, in which the trait is getting a damage reduction buff from 25 to 30 percent. 

A total of four TFT Set Six champions are slated to see adjustments, including nerfs to Gangplank and Miss Fortune and a buff to Galio. Here are the proposed changes:

  • Gangplank: Health reduced to 750 and his attack damage will drop by five to 75
  • Gangplank: Armor and magic resistance reduced from 45 to 40 and spell base damage nerfed to 110/135/170.
  • Miss Fortune: Attack speed reduced to 0.7 and her spell was nerfed to  275/375/550
  • Samira: Attack damage reduced by five to 80 and her spell cast time was reduced slightly while Samira’s spell was nerfed to 165/170/180 percent.
  • Galio: Starting mana buffed to 200/300 and his spell damage was buffed to 150/250/2000.

Attack damage and ability power provided to Academy champions will also get a nerf at every breakpoint, with six and eight getting hit harder than two and four. The Bodyguard trait is getting a rework that provides a new shield that never falls off until it is fully depleted. And the Sniper trait is getting an increase on one Hex range while all champions within the trait are having their range reduced by one Hex, improving units that are given a Sniper emblem. 

The TFT Set Six Patch 11.23 is scheduled to take place on Nov. 17. All balance adjustments revealed during the 11.23 Patch Rundown are subject to change prior to the update taking place.