TFT Set 5 PBE patch hits Teemo, traits, and Kindred

There won't be any more balance updates until next week

Teamfight Tactics Evil Teemo
Image via Riot Games

A number of Teamfight Tactics balance changes were included in today’s Set Five PBE patch, adjusting more items, traits, and champions. 

Scheduled to launch on the live servers on April 28, Set Five Reckoning will have one final PBE update take place on April 27, according to game director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. All changes made in today’s PBE Reckoning patch will stand through the weekend, with tomorrow’s update containing bug fixes. Five-cost champions like Teemo and Kindred were hit with minor changes, along with six traits and four items. 

Set Five champions

Teemo had his spell damage increased at one and two-star while Kindred was nerfed at one and two-star. Aphelios was also adjusted so his spell no longer triggers “on attack” effects like Runaan’s Hurricane for each target. 

  • Vayne: AD reduced from 40 to 20.
  • Riven: Spell AD bonus increased from 70/80/100 to 80/90/100 percent.
  • Yasuo: Spell damage increased from 200/300/600 to 300/400/600.
  • Zyra: Spell damage reduced from 300/400/650 to 250/350/600.
  • Aphelios: Spell no longer triggers “on attack” effects for each target (now only triggers once per spell cast). Spell AD increased from 160/170/240 to 180/200/240 percent.
  • Mordekaiser: Armor increased from 50 to 60. MR increased from 50 to 60.
  • Kindred: Spell minimum health threshold reduced from 200/300/2,500 to 100/200/2,500.
  • Teemo: Spell damage increased from 100/140/666 to 120/150/666.

Set Five traits

A total of six traits were adjusted, including a bonus mana reduction for Coven and a power reduction at two Forgotten. 

  • Caretaker: Mana refund increased from: 50 to 80.
  • Coven: Bonus mana reduced from 20 to 15 percent.
  • Dawnbringer: Heal reduced from 30/60/100/180 to 30/60/100/160 percent.
  • Forgotten: AD and AP increased from 35/80/140 to 30/80/140.
  • Legionnaire: AS reduced from 25/60/120/200 to 25/60/150/250 percent.
  • Nightbringer: Shield reduced from 30/60/90/160 to 30/60/90/140 percent.

Set Five items

Zz’Rot Portal was adjusted again, providing a “smoother growth curve.”

  • Statikk and Shadow Shiv: A bugfix was applied—MR Shred is now 70 percent instead of 60 percent.
  • Zz’Rot Portal: The Construct’s stats have been adjusted with a slightly reduced health in stages three to five and slightly increased AD in Stage four. The Construct’s stats now cap at stage six in normals and stage eight in Hyper Roll. The Construct starts at 1500 health and 100 AD and caps at 3000 health and 200 AD.
  • Shadow Zz’Rot Portal: Construct AD reduced from 100 to 20. Explosion Damage increased from 500 to 600.
  • Shadow Jeweled Gauntlet: Critical strike chance reduced from 25 to 20 percent.

PBE bug fixes

  • The Monstrosity’s charge-in spell should now apply damage properly when he’s four-star.
  • Nocturne should now hit his target with his passive when he’s holding RFC.
  • Heimerdinger should now properly cast on his turret when he’s a Hellion coming through the portal.
  • Fixed an issue where Viego would leave his target visually suspended mid-air even if he was interrupted or killed during the channel.
  • Fixed Warwick occasionally “AFK’ing” for a long time (always happened if his ability was blocked by Trap Claw).
  • Fixed Trundle Subjugating an enemy that had negative armor from Sett granting the enemy armor and causing Trundle to lose some (Trundle can’t steal negative stats).
  • Dragonslayer trait should still proc even if the Dragonslayer who made the takedown dies before it occurs. 
  • Stacking multiple Hand of Vengeance’s will no longer turn their buffs off for the rest of combat after the first takedown. 
  • Deathblade, Shadow Deathblade, and Hand of Vengeance now properly proc off of PvE enemies.