TFT Set 4 Fates system changes revealed in 10.19 PBE Rundown

Get ready for some changes.

Teamfight Tactics Sett
Image via Riot Games

A number of big Teamfight Tactics changes are being tested on the PBE today before the launch of Set Four Fates. 

Everything on the PBE is subject to change prior to the official TFT Set Four release on Sept. 16 and will likely change on a daily basis, according to Mortdog. The PBE exists for players to test out the new set while providing feedback to the TFT team prior to the official launch of Set Four.

With Fates launching on the PBE today, Mortdog broke down a number of system changes players should expect. 

Major system changes

Over the course of TFT Set Three Galaxies, “every percent was multiplicative,” according to Mortdog. This produced results from items on champions, like three Giant Slayer on Jinx, that were different from what the design team had mapped out. Set Four will alter this outcome via a change where “all percent Damage amps now stack additively instead of multiplicity with one another by source.”

“There are three buckets of damage that are multiplicative,” Mortdog said. “There’s Spell Power, Crit, and Percent Damage Amp. Of these three buckets, each individual bucket is additive, but from there, it’s multiplicative. 

A second major system change will also be applied to the long-time bugged Grievous Wounds, where the item was “twice as effective as intended.” That bug has been fixed for TFT Set Four. Both system changes led to item changes in Fates. Red Buff was removed and replaced with Sunfire Cape, while Gargoyle Stoneplate took the place of Disarm.  

XP level changes

An increase of XP was made for players to reach level seven, eight, and nine. Players will need four more gold to hit levels seven and eight. And eight more gold is needed to hit level nine for a total of 16 gold. Changes were made to the XP levels due to the team feeling that players were able to hit level seven to nine “too easily and consistently.” 

Bag size changes

Three-star champions will occur more often in the Fates set due to the Chosen mechanic and bag size changes at levels five to seven.

  • Level five: 45 percent one-cost, 30 percent two-cost, 20 percent three-cost, five percent four-cost, and zero five-cost champions.
  • Level six: 30 percent one-cost, 35 percent two-cost, 25 percent three-cost, 10 percent four-cost, and zero five-cost champions.
  • Level seven: 19 percent one-cost, 35 percent two-cost, 30 percent three-cost, 15 percent four-cost, and one percent five-cost champion.

Shop changes

When rolling down, “consecutive shops will not repeat unbought champions.” Any time a player refreshes the shop, or it occurs naturally, champions that weren’t purchased won’t appear in the next shop. 

Carousel changes

In an effort to prevent players from getting “Mortdoged,” a few changes were made to simplify the carousels. 

First Carousel

  • Opening (one of everything): 65 percent
  • Offense components: 11 percent
  • Defense components: 11 percent
  • Tears/Gloves random: 11 percent
  • All Spatulas: 1.5 percent
  • All Force of Nature: 0.50 percent
  • Odds of a Spatula: 1.5 percent 

Second Carousel

  • Opening: 80 percent
  • One of All: 15 percent
  • Spatula and random: five percent
  • Odds of a Spatula: 20 percent

Third Carousel

  • Opening: 30 percent
  • Default: 50 percent
  • One of all: 15 percent
  • Spatula and random: five percent
  • Odds of a Spatula: 20 percent

Fourth Carousel

  • Opening: 80 percent
  • One of all: 15 percent
  • Spatula and random: five percent
  • Odds of a Spatula: 20 percent

Fifth Carousel

  • Completed unbuilt: 50 percent
  • All random full: 25.40 percent
  • Sword full: three percent
  • Vest full: three percent
  • Belt full: three percent
  • Bow full: three percent
  • Cloak full: three percent
  • Tear full: three percent
  • Gloves full: three percent
  • Rod full: three percent
  • All Force of Nature: 0.60 percent

Other changes

A number of small TFT changes were made across the board, from completed items no longer dropping from orbs to time being added to the start of every planning phase for Set Start.

  • Every Set at the start has an increase of five seconds to the start of every planning phase. This will get removed in patch 10.20.
  • Trap Claw Stun now has a unique visual effect to help attribute the stun.
  • Completed items no longer drop from orbs.
  • The types of orbs and their contents across all stages of the game were adjusted.
  • The Spatula items bug has been fixed in that a Spatula item will drop from end game PVE round, but only if you have at least one of that trait on the board.