TFT ranked play will be down in Patch 9.22, returns in 9.23

Prepare for Rise of Elements.

Image via Riot Games

Following the release of the notes for Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.21 today, Riot Games has revealed some interesting information about the upcoming ranked season and the start of the highly-anticipated Rise of Elements set.

Ranked TFT will be disabled in two weeks during Patch 9.22 for the start of Rise of the Elements. Riot is doing this to make sure that there are no major bugs or balance issues that players could abuse or use to immediately climb up the rankings.

If everything works smoothly, TFT ranked play will likely return in a month in Patch 9.23. This should give the community plenty of time to figure out the meta and prepare for the ranked grind.

Patch 9.21 will also be the last patch for the first season of TFT’s ranked mode. That means you only have two more weeks to end the season on a high note.

Riot’s decision to disable ranked in Patch 9.22 seems smart considering a lot of issues that the game has faced during its first few weeks of play. With so many new champions, origins, and more changes on the horizon, it makes sense that Riot wants to guarantee that everything is ready before players jump into ranked once again.