TFT players test best Set 4 comps via Steamer All-Star Invitational

Play like the pros when Fates launches next week.

Teamfight Tactics Sett
Image via Riot Games

The best Teamfight Tactics players from Europe and North America are going head-to-head in a PBE showdown this weekend to determine who will dominate Set Four Fates when it launches next week. 

Scheduled to take place from Sept. 12 to 13, SL1ck’z’s Streamer All-Star Invitational starts at 1pm CT. Fans can watch the event on SL1ckz Twitch channel or from the perspective of the competitors. A total of 16 top players in EUW and NA will fight via TFT Set Four PBE for bragging rights and to showcase some of the best comps to play at launch on Sept. 16. 

Group A

  • Shaunz
  • Salvyyy
  • Tabzz
  • LuqueLoL
  • Kiyoon
  • Kurumx
  • AgonTFT
  • Ronbin Songz

Group B

  • Deisik
  • Voltariux
  • FluffyHS
  • Dark Hydra
  • K3Soju
  • Souless
  • Kitting is Hard
  • Polt

Each of the players competing in the Set Four Fates PBE All-Star Invitational have proven themselves to be among the best in their respected regions, with several of them competing recently at the EU and NA TFT Worlds Galaxies Qualifier Finals. 

The first day will feature a total of five rounds via two lobbies, with the top four players from each lobby advancing to the finals. All rounds are being played via the PBE server, showcasing the new TFT Set Four Fates that goes live on Sept. 16. Fans wanting to keep track of standings and scores per round and day can do so here.