TFT Patch 12.7 applies major balance shifts to Hextech Augments

Changes should prevent a majority of Augment differentials from taking place during games and matches.

Image via Riot Games

Final preparations for the Teamfight Tactics World Championship will include over a dozen big Hextech Augment balance changes in Patch 12.7 from Augments getting removed to nerfs and buffs.

Set 6.5 Neon Nights Hextech Augments are on the hot list for the final TFT patch prior to the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship. The changes being applied to Augments will potentially bring about fewer “feel bad” moments during high-level competitive play while still providing opportunities for players to choose flexible and risky paths. 

The big Hextech Augments changes that are getting removed include Hextech Unity, Hextech Crest, Scholar Crest, and Woodland Trinket. Thieving Rascals and Junkyard will no longer appear as an option at Stage 3-3 and Electrocharge will no longer appear at Stage 4-6. A large number of small change Augments are also getting removed. Every Hextech Augment balance change, along with the nerfs and buffs getting applied to everything in TFT Patch 12.7, can be found here. 

A total of seven Neon Nights Hextech Augments will shift tiers within Patch 12.7. 

  • Four Score: Moved from Gold to Silver tier
  • Hextech Heart: Moved from Silver to Gold tier
  • High Five: Moved from Prismatic to Gold tier
  • Irresistible Charm: Moved from Silver to Gold tier
  • Sharpshooter: Moved from Gold to Prismatic tier
  • Sniper’s Nest: Moved from Silver to Gold tier
  • Tiny Titans: Moved from Gold to Silver tier

The major balance changes that are taking place within TFT Patch 12.7 that are hitting Hextech Augments include a buff to Electrocharge one, two, and three. Triforce attack speed is getting nerfed across the board, as are Double Trouble stats. Woodland Charm is getting a health buff, too. 

Here are all of the major TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augments nerfs and buffs taking place via Patch 12.7:

  • Double Trouble: Bonus attack damage, ability power, armor, and magic resistance nerfed across the board from 30/40/50 to 25/35/45
  • Electrocharge 1: Increased from 50/65/80/95 to 60/75/90/105
  • Electrocharge 2: Increased from 75/95/115/135 to 85/105/125/145
  • Electrocharge 3: Increased from 90/120/150/180 to 105/135/165/200
  • Enchanter Soul: Additional gold increased from eight to 12
  • Golden Ticket: The chance for a free refresh was increased from 45 to 50 percent
  • Junkyard: Changed from three combat rounds with the Scrap trait active to four rounds
  • Makeshift Armor 3: Armor and magic resistance reduced from 80 to 75
  • Pirates: Earning one gold on kill chance increased from 50 to 66 percent
  • So Small: Dodge chance reduced from 30 to 25 percent
  • Spell Blade: Ability power scaling on a basic attack after casting ability was reduced from 200 to 180 percent
  • Triforce: Attack speed reduced across the board from 23/33/43 to 13/23/33 percent
  • Thieving Rascals: The chance for a Yordle to spawn with a pilfered component reduced from 40 to 33 percent
  • Tiny Titans: Moved from Gold to Silver tier
  • Twinshot Soul: Additional gold reduced from eight to four
  • Windfall: Gold based on Augments from 18/30/45 to 20/35/55
  • Woodland Charm: Health increased from 1,600 to 1,800

Patch 12.7 will go live on April 13. All Neon NIghts Hextech Augment balance changes are subject to change prior to the update’s official release. A full breakdown of every TFT 12.7 balance change can be found here.