TFT Patch 11.24 slated to buff Frozen Heart and Blue Buff, rework Spellblade Hextech Augment

Added starting mana to Blue Buff may have a major impact on the Set 6 meta.

TFT Set 6 Viktor
Image via Riot Games

Game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed a massive amount of changes to Set Six Teamfight Tactics within Patch 11.24 during today’s Patch Rundown—including buffs to Frozen Heart and Blue Buff and a rework to the Hextech Augment Spellblade. 

The TFT 11.24 patch will focus on Hextech Augment balance at all stages of a game, according to Mortdog, while also increasing the use of items like Blue Buff and Frozen Heart. The Duet Augment bug is slated to get fixed within the upcoming 11.24 patch and was given a slight rework by granting 500 HP to both spotlighted champions. The 11.24 TFT Patch Rundown also revealed a Spellblade rework due to it “not feeling impactful,” according to Riot Kent.

The Spellblade rework is similar to Lich Bane from League, according to Riot Kent, where you get a “big chunk of damage.” After your Arcanist units cast their spell, the next attack from them will deal bonus magic damage equal to 200 percent of their ability power. A comp to test out the new Spellblade rework is six Arcanist with Twisted Fate as a carry, equipped with Blue Buff, according to Mortdog. 

Blue Buff is slated to get a buff that grants an additional 20 starting mana. The buff has the potential to become “one of the biggest meta-shifting changes in the entire patch,” according to Mortdog. Champions that can take advantage of the buff are Viktor, Braum, and Orianna, according to Riot Kent.

The TFT Set Six item Frozen Heart is also getting a buff, increasing the attack slow speed to 35 percent. This allows the item to not only disrupt backline carriers even more but works well on frontline units too. 

All changes revealed during the TFT 11.24 Patch Rundown are subject to change prior to the update’s official launch on Dec. 8. Players can test out these reworks and buffs on the PBE now.