TFT Patch 11.18 preview shows just 6 major balance changes

Patch 11.18 will drop next week.

TFT Volibear Set Five Reckoning
Image via Riot Games

Only a handful of changes should make their way onto the live servers for the next Teamfight Tactics patch, with the majority of those aiming to shift the balance of Radiant items, according to yesterday’s TFT Patch 11.18 preview.

Riot revealed all major changes in the upcoming patch, previewing buffs to the Radiant items Locket of Targon Prime and Sattikk Favor, alongside nerfs to the Radiant item Blessed Bloodthirster and champions Jax and Volibear. Ivern and Volibear together are without a doubt the best front line in the game, even making the defensive traits of Knight, Ironclad, and Mystic not worth playing. Ivern is also receiving an adjustment in the next patch, and it will almost certainly not be a buff.

  • Buffs: Locket of Targon Prime, Statikk Favor
  • Nerfs: Blessed Bloodthirster, Jax, Volibear
  • Adjusted: Ivern

Locket of Targon Prime and Statikk Favor are two Radiant items that players rarely choose, according to lead TFT developer Mortdog, and the two items are receiving buffs for the second straight patch. Statikk Shiv has been meta in previous sets, and Riot Games could push a patch revolving around the item in the near future due to its recent power spike.

Compositions revolving around AD carries were a little bit too strong on patch 11.17 thanks to the Blessed Bloodthirster and its shielding, letting typically squishy champs like Aphelios survive high amounts of burst damage even in situations where Aphelios is weaker. This nerf should bring that item back in line with other Radiant items.

The feather-light balance changes for patch 11.18 could be due in part to the upcoming World Championship. Several qualifying tournaments will occur in the next couple of weeks, and a stable patch transition will help maintain competitive integrity in the burgeoning TFT esports scene.

Balance adjustments are subject to change before the release of TFT Patch 11.18 on Sept. 9.