TFT Patch 11.10 preview showcases large number of buffs

The first major patch of Set Five Reckoning may shakeup meta.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games shared today a number of tentative changes slated to take place in Teamfight Tactics Set Five Reckoning Patch 11.10.

Scheduled to hit live servers on May 12, Patch 11.10 contains buffs to six traits and a total of 16 TFT champions. The tentative update also showcased four adjustments and nerfs to eight champions, including units that were already nerfed in the 11.9 B-patch that took place earlier this week. Nerfs and buffs revealed via the TFT 11.10 patch preview by Riot are tentative and subject to change prior to May 12. 

A large number of buffs scheduled to take place in the TFT 11.10 patch are likely minor, tweaking levels slightly or giving three-star champions a better chance to impact the late-game. The trait buff to Verdant stands out, especially without any nerfs getting applied to Kayle. 

Buffs to Lulu and Katarina are also interesting, considering their impact on the 11.9 meta. And a total of five Skirmisher champions are receiving buffs to hopefully improve their gameplay during the early and mid-game stages. 

Champions within the Coven trait are tentatively scheduled to receive nerfs, notably Lissandra, who has taken over following the B-patch adjustments to Leblanc. Mordekaiser and Ivern, two champions nerfed in the 11.9 B-patch, are also getting hit again.

Other notable nerfs include Rell, Heimerdinger, and Garen. All three champions are strong in the late game, able to slot into a number of TFT comps. The nerfs are likely small changes and may not have a major impact on the 11.10 meta. 

Patch 11.10 of Set Five Reckoning is scheduled to hit live servers on May 12. Players can test out any upcoming TFT changes via the PBE servers over the weekend.