TFT 11.9 B-patch nerfs Mordekaiser and LeBlanc

The B-patch will help smooth out the balance of the launch of Set Five .

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics‘ game director Mortdog shared a list of changes that will hit live servers sometime within the next 24-hours that should help rectify some of the overtuned traits and units that launched with the new set last week.

The 11.9 B-patch notes touch on units such as LeBlanc and Mordekaiser, as well as some overperforming traits, like Revenant and Legionnaire.

Trait changes

In the first week of Reckoning, two traits were guaranteed to be forced in every single lobby: Legionnaire and Revenant. Playing four Legionnaire, four Dragonslayer with Mordekaiser carry was certainly the composition of 11.9, and with the right items, it was close to unbeatable.

  • Legionnaire: Attack speed decreased from 20/60/150/250 percent to 25/60/110/180 percent.
  • Revenant: Heal upon reviving decreased from 30/75 percent to 10/40 percent.

Unit changes

Mordekaiser received nerfs through the Legionnaire trait as personal changes to his spell damage. Other top carries like LeBlanc and Aphelios were also slightly changed. The power level of Hellion, especially through levels one to five, should also see a decrease after this patch with both Ziggs and Kennen receiving nerfs.

One-cost champions
  • Ziggs: Attack speed reduced from 0.85 to 0.75
Two-cost champions
  • Kennen: Mana changed from 50/100 to 40/100. Spell damage decreased from 150/200/300 to 150/200/250. Spell stun duration decreased from 1/2/3 to 1/2/2.5 seconds.
  • LeBlanc: Duration of mana lock increased from one second to two seconds. Starting mana buffed from 0/50 to 20/60. Fixed a bug where both chains could land on the same unit. Fixed a bug where the unit’s cast animation wouldn’t begin at the beginning of every cast.
Four-cost champions
  • Aphelios: Attack damage decreased from 80 to 70. Attack speed nerfed from 0.9 to 0.85.
  • Ivern: Spell radius reduced from two hexes down to one.
  • Mordekaiser: Spell damage decreased from 500/650/5000 to 450/600/5000.
Five-cost champions
  • Volibear: Mana changed from 100/170 to 80/200.