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TFT Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship: Standings, scores, and schedule

Hextech Augments kick into high gear at TFT Worlds.

Eight regions from around the globe have provided their best Teamfight Tactics players to compete for a total prize pool of $300,000 and the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship title.

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The Set Six/6.5 TFT Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship showcased a total of 32 players competing over the course of three days. Played on Patch 12.7, there wasn’t any room for multiple bottom-four placements with half the field getting cut each day. Days one and two featured multiple lobbies, with players getting rotated every three games. Points were awarded based on lobby placements, with the player finishing first earning eight points and eighth place claiming just one point. 

The EMEA region had the most representatives at TFT Worlds, followed by China, Brazil, North America, and Korea. Each player earned their spot at the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship via either the Regional Finals or Last Chance Qualifier. Games began at 4am CT each day, with a total of six games getting played during days one and two. 

May 1 TFT Worlds standings

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A total of eight players competed in a checkmate format. Upon reaching the 18-point breakpoint, players need to win the lobby to win the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship title.

After three games, LiuLi and LiLuo from China both hit 18 points, leaving them eligible to win TFT Worlds by game four. And it was LiLuo who claimed the TFT Worlds title in game four with an eight Bodyguard comp. Finishing in second was LiLuo’s teammate LiuLi, with Ddudu from Korea earning a third-place finish overall.

April 30 TFT Worlds standings

The second day of the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship showcased a total of 16 players split between two lobbies and six games, with lobbies getting rotated after three games. Kuangluan from China led in points during day one and was the only player to top four in all six games. Milk and Guubums from NA were also looking for repeat strong performances, along with TXE from OCE.

Game one

Milk took a hard eighth in game one, while Guubums placed in the top four of Lobby B. Ddudu and LiuLi were the lobby winners.

Game two

Guubums earned a lobby win during game two, while Goose made the top four by winning a tiebreaker against Ginggg. LiuLi finished second during game two, and Zbrojson stepped up to earn a lobby win.

Game three

After three games, seven of the eight total TFT Worlds regions had representation in the top eight. Lobbies were rotated heading into game four.

Game four

After four games, China was dominating day three, having three players in the top three overall points standings for the day with two games left to play. Goose and Milk were sitting in the bottom eight, needing some strong wins, while Guubums was carrying the NA region with 21 total points after four games.

Game five

Heading into game six, two of the three China players were locked in to advance onto day three of TFT Worlds. Around eight players were sitting on the cut bubble, needing approximately 27 to 28 total points to make the cut.

Game six

A bottom-four placement during game six from Ginggg knocked them from the top eight, leaving no EMEA representatives on day three. Top-four placements from Guubums and Goose earned both a ticket to the TFT Worlds playoffs.

Here are the eight players advancing to day three of the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship playoffs:

  • LiLuo: 37 points
  • Ddudu: 34 points
  • TXE: 33 points
  • LiuLi: 32 points
  • Altenahue: 30 points
  • Guubums: 29 points
  • Goose: 29 points
  • Woozzul: 29 points

April 29 TFT Worlds standings

Day one featured all 32 players playing a total of six games across four lobbies, with lobbies getting rotated (pre-seeded) after three games. The top 16 advanced to day two. 

Game one

The OCE region started off strong with two lobby TFT Worlds wins. Goose (GV8) earned a first for NA while Milk and Guubums started the day off with bottom-four placements.

Game two

Knpngrz proved their game one TFT Worlds win wasn’t a fluke, earning a second lobby win during game two. And TXE from OCE earned a second-place finish after winning game one in Lobby D. Ginggg put EMEA on the board with a first in Lobby B and Milk had a solid comeback from seventh-place in game one to earn a second during game two in Lobby B.

Game three

After three games played, Liuli and Kuangluan from China were in the top four overall TFT Worlds standings, along with TXE from OCE and Milk from NA. All four NA players were in the top 16 heading into game four.

Game four

Milk had a rough game four, finishing in eighth place. TXE and DQA had strong finishes in Lobby D, while Guumbums and Ginnggg finished top two in Lobby C.

Game five

Heading into the final game of day one, over 10 players were sitting on the top 16 bubble. The only players guaranteed to advance onto day two were TXE, Kuangluan, LiuLi, Eusouolucas, and Milk.

Game six and day one overall standings

North America wrapped up day one with three players advancing, with Milk and Guubums placing in the top four overall. Kuangluan from China had the most points for the day, followed by TXE from OCE coming in second. Both Ginggg and Eusoulolucas from the Last Chance Qualifier advanced to the second day of TFT Worlds as well.

Here are the 16 TFT players advancing to day two of the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship:

  • Kuangluan: 39 points
  • TXE: 35 points
  • Milk: 34 points
  • Guubums: 34 points
  • LiuLi: 33 points
  • Un33d: 33 points
  • VCLF: 31 points
  • Goose: 30 points
  • Zbrojson: 30 points
  • Ginggg: 30 points
  • Liluo: 30 points
  • Ddudu: 30 points
  • Woozzul: 28 points
  • Megumin: 27 points
  • Altenahue: 27 points

The TFT Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship standings will be updated following each day of competition.

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