Teamfight Tactics’ Set 3 will reward players for “going deep” in a particular trait and fix early-game pacing

The new set kicks off in mid-March.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements still has over a month left in its lifespan, but Riot is already looking at how it can improve the player experience with set three.

League of Legends design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon discussed the state of the autobattler in today’s Dev Corner post, outlining several lessons that the developers learned from set two. With set three’s launch slated for mid-March, time is certainly of the essence.

Rise of the Element encouraged team comps that used several trait bonuses and synergies, rather than focusing on one or two. It simply wasn’t worth investing time into hitting a six-unit bonus with underwhelming damage. TFT devs plan to reward players for “going deep” on a particular trait that uses six units or above.

And with Summon champions spawning tons of additional units, the board often became hectic and difficult to keep track of. Riot devs will be “cognizant” of this going forward to avoid hard-to-follow matches.

Some additional issues that Riot will address in set three include tweaking the degree that health regeneration and armor slows down the early-game pacing and placing added importance on traits and spells that provide interesting gameplay.

Because the devs are preparing for set three’s March launch, February changes to TFT will focus on smaller balance adjustments. Light units will get a small nerf, Glacial may be buffed, and the devs might experiment with completely removing Spatula from carousels.