Teamfight Tactics ranked queues return next week

Iron out your strategies—competitive play incoming.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics players had ample time to test out Set Two’s new cast of champions and classes in normal games. But now, they’re ready for ranked.

Riot design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon revealed yesterday that ranked queues will be returning next week, along with patch changes to address any bugs or balancing issues.

“Plan is to turn it back on next week, alongside patch changes to address a number of bugs and balance issues to ensure the set’s in a good place for competitive play,” Meddler said.

Riot took the launch of Set Two as an opportunity to turn off ranked and fine-tune any bugs or meta imbalances that snuck their way in from the PBE servers. This also offered players the time needed to familiarize themselves with Rise of the Elements before jumping into competitive play.

Set Two spiced up the autobattler with loads of new content and features. The size of the hex board increased by one row, loads of new units and classes were introduced, and Elemental Hexes force players to adjust champion positioning to earn the coveted bonus.

Meddler didn’t cite a specific day for ranked queues’ return. But judging from previous patch releases, ranked will likely be turned on next Wednesday, Nov. 20.