Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.1: Full notes and updates

The devs are going easy on the changes in Patch 11.1.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is making a few “light touches” to Teamfight Tactics leading up to the launch of Festival of Beasts, the game’s upcoming giant mid-set update.

With a soft ranked reset expected to hit the live servers on Jan. 21 along with Set 4.5, the devs are playing it safe in Patch 11.1 and adjusting just a handful of champions.

Here’s the full list of changes coming to TFT later this week.

Boarding cycling improvement

  • Cycling through boards with hotkeys now skips dead players. [PC only]


One-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Vayne: Silver Bolts Damage: 50/90/140 to 50/90/130

Two-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Hecarim Spirit of Life Damage and Healing: 250/400/600 to 250/400/750
  • Lulu Mana: 60/120 to 80/150
  • Teemo Chosen Stat: Mana to Spell Power
  • Teemo Sporecloud Dart Damage: 300/450/900 to 300/400/900

Three-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Kalista Health: 550 to 650
  • Veigar Mana: 0/45 to 0/55

Four-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Aatrox Health: 800 to 900
  • Aatrox Armor: 40 to 70
  • Ahri Mana: 0/80 to 0/75
  • Ahri Attack Speed: 0.75 to 0.8
  • Jhin Whisper Ad Multiplier: 444/500/1234 percent to 444/475/1234 percent
  • Morgana Health: 750 to 850
  • Morgana Armor: 30 to 60
  • Morgana Attack Range: 3 Hexes to 2 Hexes

Five-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Lee Sin Armor and Magic Resist: 50 to 60
  • Fixed a bug where Yone was shredding more Armor and Magic Resist than intended

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some champions would fail to cast when affected by the slow from Azir’s Emperor’s Divide
  • Sett’s Showstopper now properly fails when blocked by Trap Claw instead of still dealing AOE secondary damage
  • Brains before gains: Sett will no longer interrupt Showstopper to go do sit-ups
  • Sett’s been spending too much time in Night City: Fixed a bug that caused Sett to stop attacking and casting when Showstopper’s initial dash was interrupted by a state change (e.g. Guardian Angel, Zilean’s Rewind Fate)
  • Fixed a bug where 11 Fortune loss was giving more Neeko’s than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Yone was shredding more Armor and Magic Resist than intended
  • Recipe hints now exclude components spawned from Thieves Gloves