Teamfight Tactics may receive minor but impactful adjustments in Patch 10.13

Comp balance is good but a few tweaks may still take place.

Teamfight Tactics Darkstar
Image via Riot Games

Riot’s Teamfight Tactics mid-season Set Three is underway, but a few adjustments for a mostly-balanced meta are planned to take place in the upcoming 10.13 update. 

Several comps in TFT, from Astro Sniper and six Sorcerer to Vanguard Mystic, have seen a lot of success since the mid-season release. A hotfix was applied on June 12, reducing Protector Shield and applying a one-second lockout to Aurelion Sol. 

  • Protector Shield: 30/40/55 percent to 30/40/50 percent
  • Spell Damage: 80/150/750 adjusted to 110/150/750
  • Mana Drain: 10/25/50 adjusted to 15/25/50

With the 10.13 update a week away, there’s a number of tweaks being applied on the PBE that may carry over into the next patch. Battlecast has been slightly underperforming while Master Yi has been carrying Blademaster to new heights, according to TFT designer Mortdog

Several minor changes are being tested on the PBE that will give Battlecast a buff in the early game, but not in the late game.

Trait 10.13 adjustments

Dark Star might get a much-needed boost and Battlecast may receive early-game buffs with two and four units. Blaster is also on the docket for a slight buff while Mystic is seeing its magic resistance lowered just a tad.


  • Four unit bonuses with attack speed increased from 70 percent to 80 percent.


  • Healing or damage increased from 70 to 75 with two units.
  • Healing or damage increased from 160 to 175 with four units.
  • Healing or damage lowered from 450 to 400 with six units.
  • Healing or damage lowered from 900 to 750 with eight units.


  • Four unit attacks increased from five to six.


  • Four unit magic resistance lowered from 125 to 110.

Dark Star

  • AD and Spell Power increased from 16 to 18 with four units.
  • AD and Spell Power increased from 24 to 28 with six units.
  • AD and Spell Power increased from 32 to 38 with eight units.

TFT champion 10.13 changes

Master Yi may get slightly nerfed but not enough to drop the six Blademaster comp from the A-tier. And expect to see adjustments to stuns via Nautilus and Gnar, along with a couple of tweaks to Cassiopeia.


  • Armor and MR (magic resistance) steal may increase from 20/30/50 to 30/40/60.


  • Trap damage lowered from 125/175/600 to 125/175/550.
  • Slow duration lowered from four seconds to three.


  • Stun duration lowered from two seconds to one and a half.
  • Health increased on Mega Gnar from 750/1250/2500 to 750/1250/4000.
  • AD increased on Mega Gnar from 100/175/400 to 100/175/550.


  • Stun duration reduced from 3/3.5/4 to 3/3/5.

Master Yi

  • True damage three-star reduced from 75/100/200 to 75/100/175


  • Damage at three-star buffed from 200/250/350 to 200/250/400.


  • Ability damage reverted from 700/1500/4000 to 700/1500/3000.
  • Damage duration increased from 12 seconds to 15.

The next scheduled TFT update in Set Three will take place on June 24 with Patch 10.13. Adjustments and tweaks mentioned in this article are subject to change prior to the update due to continuous testing taking place on the PBE.