Teamfight Tactics may lock ranked tiers similar to Legends of Runeterra

Play casually without the fear of dropping ranked tiers.

Teamfight Tactics TFT Riot Mort
Image via Riot Games

Conversations are taking place regarding a potential ranked tier lock within Teamfight Tactics, according to lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. 

During his morning PBE stream today, Mortdog was asked if a ranked tier lock from Iron to Diamond was being considered in TFT, similar to LoR. Mortdog agreed that it’s a good idea and said conversations have been taking place regarding instituting a locked ranked tier system.

Nothing is guaranteed, according to Mortdog, since the changes may not take place. No time frame regarding when such a change would go into effect was disclosed, either. 

Locking ranked tiers in TFT below Master would allow players to remain at a tier without fear of getting bumped down. An example of this might be a Platnum IV player who went on a bad run after ranking up and dropped back to Gold I. With locked tiers, players would no longer have to worry about dropping tiers in the lower ranks of the ladder. 

Limiting the locked ranked tier system to ranks Iron through Diamond would benefit casual and new players, allowing them to try alternate comps without having to worry about dropping ranked tiers. Keeping the system as it is for Master and above would preserve the competitive ranked integrity for players who are competing on a professional level. 

There’s no guarantee that such a system will get implemented in TFT, but conversations are taking place. In LoR, a ranked locked tier system has worked out well, giving players the freedom to experiment and enjoy reaching a ranked tier without having to worry about dropping back down until a ranked reset.