Teamfight Tactics devs hope Sivir, Yorick, and Lucian nerfs will help a meta that’s in “a bit of a rough shape”

Patch 10.1B is now live.

Image via Riot Games

Although Riot Games hoped Teamfight Tactics micropatches would be left in the past, an unhealthy meta called for an immediate fix.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer gave the community a quick Patch 10.1B rundown today, which hopes to cure a meta that’s in “rough shape.”

“There are two comps in particular that are kind of dominating the meta,” Mortdog said. “So we’re going to be doing three small changes that we hope to breathe more life into the meta and open up some more comps into being viable.”

Here are the TFT Patch 10.1B changes.


Image via Riot Games
  • Ricochet no longer procs off of Runaan’s Hurricane Bolts or Berserker Axe procs.

Ricochet is intended to bounce off enemies up to 10 times. Runaan’s and Berserker Axe were causing the Sand Blademaster’s ability to proc additional times, however, ramping it up to 20 or more bounces.

If these changes don’t quell the unit’s blades, then further changes lined up in Patch 10.2 will.


Image via Riot Games
  • Ghoul health decreased from 600/1,000/2,000 to 500/800/2,000.
  • Ghoul attack damage decreased from 100/200/300 to 100/175/250.

TFT devs feel that Yorick is a four-cost unit that’s powerful enough to be a five-cost unit. The champion is flexible enough to fit into most team comps and his spell gives three ghouls that total 3,000 health. Putting a Guardian’s Angel on the unit could even allow him to cast his ability twice, filling the board with summoned units that “hit like a truck.”

Yorick’s power adversely affects Light comps as well because he’s widely contested. Players running Light teams will have to fight over the unit with opponents running other synergies.


Image via Riot Games
  • Spell scaling changed from 10 plus eight times attacks per second to 10 plus four attacks per second.

This nerf won’t severely impact Lucian at the start of a round. Toward the end of the fight, however, the Soulbound unit won’t be able to hyper scale from the Light attack speed bonus.

TFT Patch 10.1B is now live.