Teamfight Tactics champion tier list: Rise of the Elements

Here are the best champions for Teamfight Tactics' second set.

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Rise of the Elements, the new Teamfight Tactics set, implemented a number of changes to the League of Legends auto-battler game mode.

Implemented with Patch 9.22, Rise of the Elements entirely changed the champions, origins, and classes that were available during the beta. While the rules and overall gameplay remained the same, origins were replaced by elements. Changes to classes were made as well, and a new set of champions is now available for TFT players to pick.

To make playing Rise of the Elements easier after all the changes, we prepared a champion tier list for you.

Tier B


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Singed belongs to the poison element, and just like in League, he leaves a poisonous trail at the positions he moves from, dealing damage to enemy champion that finds themselves in the toxic cloud. He might not do more than that, but together with other poisonous champions, this five-cost unit will increase enemies’ mana cost as well.


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Sion knocks up his enemies and deals damage. His CC can be very valuable on the board, especially when he’s on the front line. For a three-cost unit, his axe can be very dangerous. The shadow synergy increases Sion’s damage at the beginning of a match, which is when he’s most useful.


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Being able to spawn clones that inherit his items and health gives Zed an opportunity for an overpowering strategy. He can also synergize with electric, summoner, and assassin champions, and each of these synergies can make him a bigger monster. Top that with a Guardian Angel, and he’s unkillable as well.

Tier A


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Qiyana shined at Worlds 2019, and she shines in TFT. You almost can’t go wrong with buying Qiyana as she fits in almost any composition due to her synergy with multiple elements. She’s a three-cost unit with CC and high damage typical for an assassin.


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Malazahar is a two-cost unit, which means players can pick him up early in the game, but he still offers great value and can become powerful as the game progresses. In addition to his damage dealing spirits, he can synergize with shadows which offers a great amount of damage.

Master Yi

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When you think Master Yi, you think attack speed and damage. And it’s no different when it comes to TFT. Yi’s meditation heals him before giving him an attack speed and damage burst, making him one of the strongest late-game carries. Just like Malzahar, Yi is another champion that benefits from the shadow buff, besides other possible synergies.

Tier S


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Kha’Zix is a four-cost unit that can stealth and critically strike an enemy with the lowest health. He’s yet another strong assassin that can help carry you to victory. He fits well both with the assassins and desert champions, and is one of the strongest mid-game champions in TFT.


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Lux makes the top of the list because of her ability to fit in almost any team composition. Like Qiyana, her element depends on different in-game conditions. Lux is a seven-cost hypercarry that fires a magical laser beam damaging everyone who finds themselves in her way.


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Kindred is one of the strongest three-cost champions in TFT. Not only can she benefit from the shadow buff, her ability also applies grievous wounds that reduces enemy healing besides damage dealing. She also pairs with inferno and ranger champions and can be built into a powerhouse.