Teamfight Tactics’ Carousel system is undergoing some big changes for the Galaxies set

These changes should help promote more diversity in a player's build path.

Image via Riot Games

Last week, Riot Games said that it was making some big changes to spatulas in Teamfight Tactics‘ upcoming third set, Galaxies. The company has now unveiled some big changes to the carousel system as well, including adjustments to item drops and spatula availability.

The opening carousel will only have one-star champions now, instead of featuring two-star champions. This is connected to the income changes that Riot made to the game to make early champion buys a lot more impactful in the long run.

Spatulas were previously removed from carousels in the later stages of set two, but they’re now available once again—albeit at a reduced rate than before. This should make the item a lot rarer so that players can’t just tank damage to guarantee one in later carousels in the match.

Image via Riot Games

Additionally, full items can now show up earlier than the fifth round, while item components can appear in the sixth carousel and beyond. This change can completely shift how people build their compositions since they can get big item power spikes quickly if they’re struggling in the early game.

Players can also hold on to certain item components a bit later in the game. In previous sets, once you reached the sixth round, you weren’t able to find any more pieces to match with your components since only complete items would drop from carousels and large monster rounds.

Riot is also making a ton of other carousel arrangement changes to the game, which should encourage more variety in build paths moving forward.