Teamfight Tactics adds Binary Star Galaxy, removes Medium Legends in Patch 10.13

In with the new, out with the old.

Teamfight Tactics Galaxies
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is adding a new Binary Star Galaxy to Teamfight Tactics with the 10.13 update as promised and will rotate out Medium Legends.  

The TFT developer had previously revealed during Patch 10.12 that Galaxies would rotate during the Return to the Stars expansion. Rotating in for the TFT 10.13 update is Binary Star, a unique Galaxy that only allows players to equip two items on a champion. Rotating out is the Medium Legends Galaxy.

Medium Legends has been around for some time, increasing health from 100 to 125. It created games where most players could easily slot in nine champions onto the battlefield but also had a tendency to run extremely long due to the health increase.

Image via Riot Games, Binary Star Galaxy

The addition of Binary Star prevents players from stacking three items on a carry, forcing creative thinking and potentially the creation of interesting options players wouldn’t normally opt for. 

Thieves Gloves will only count as one item, despite three being placed on the champion from that one item. Only two items can go on a Mech, however, so choose wisely as to what those two items are. 

The addition of Binary Star does not change the number of total Galaxies or the percent chance of a particular one showing up in the opening carousel. 

  • Littler Legends: 10 percent of games
  • The Neekoverse: 10 percent of games
  • Binary Star: 10 percent of games
  • Superdense Galxay: 10 percent of games
  • Trade Sector: 10 percent of games
  • Treasure Trove: 10 percent of games
  • Star Cluster: 10 percent of games
  • Galactic Armory: 10 percent of games
  • Normal Galaxy: 20 percent of games

Binary Star will become an active Galaxy option with the TFT 10.13 update, at which time Medium Legends will get officially removed from rotation.